BECOMING A MEMBER: Rates & Benefits

Thank You for considering the Wellness Center!

Joining a gym is one of the best things you can do for your health. Studies show those with gym memberships are more likely to workout and stay fit. At first, the thought of joining a fitness center may seem daunting - walking into a huge room filled with complex equipment as members actively workout can be intimidating! At The Wellness Center, we understand your fears and offer many ways for you to comfortably achieve your fitness goals. We start by offering three orientation sessions for new members. It's like getting a free, personal training session with one of our highly qualified staff!

Membership Rates & Guest Passes

There are many types of memberships to get you, your family and friends enjoying life through the Wellness Center.


Non-Members are always welcome to join us anytime for a workout or dip in the pool. 5  & 10 day passes will not expire and do not have to be used consecutively.

1 Day: $15

5 Day: $40

10 Day: $60


Single membership for one person 13 years of age or older (under 18 must have a parent or guardian present for sign up).

Single: $60

Family of 2: $85

Additional Members each $15


For businesses - only 5 or more employees need to sign up as Wellness Center members to qualify.

Single: $50

Family of 2: $75

Additional Members each $15


Receive a discounted rate off our single and family memberships

Single: $40

Family of 2: $65

Additional Members Each $15



This is a paid-in-full 1-month membership with no sign up fee.

Single: $150



Thank You for Your Service! Receive a discounted rate off our single and family memberships.

Single: $50

Family of 2: $75

Additional Members each $15


The Wellness Center and CrossFit Iron Pelican Combined! Enjoy both memberships with unlimited classes.

Single: $100

Family of 2: $180

Student Rates: $75

(specific ages requirements may apply)

Call CrossFit Iron Pelican: 318.537.9254


Must have parent/guardian co-sign if under the age of 18. Only valid for 13 to 24 years old with a valid student ID.

Single: $35

 1 year Contract: $50

6 Month Contract: $75

Member Benefits

Don't wait another day! Stop by the gym to get a tour of your favorite place in West Monroe!


IHRSA Passport Program

The Wellness Center is an IHRSA Passport Program member which allows all members of The Wellness Center to enjoy discounted guest access at more than 1,700 clubs worldwide when you travel. Pick-Up your IHRSA ID Card @ the front desk.


Orientation Session

Ask for help! Orientation sessions are available for anyone who has questions about the equipment. We will be more than happy to show you how to work our machines. It's like getting a free personal training session.